How online personalized learning works at FGA

Our one-to-one approach builds on an individual student’s strengths to achieve academic excellence.

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The Fusion Global Academy Approach

To help create a nurturing, productive environment in which middle and high school students can thrive, we have developed an effective three-part methodology.

Collage of a mother and son embracing in the background image. A student video chats with their teacher on a computer in the foreground image.

1. Love

Knowing how to teach a student starts with a deep understanding of who they are and how they learn.

Focused Approach

During the initial meeting with your family, we look beyond academics to identify your collective hopes and goals. By focusing on what success looks like for each family, we work together to create an educational journey as individual as the needs of your student.


Pairing a student with a single teacher for each course allows us to put the student at the core of every class, providing them with the one-on-one attention and guidance they need.

"Fusion Academy is by far the best school I have attended. Fusion makes learning enjoyable and fun! I haven't always been a “school person” but Fusion makes it so that I can learn and understand by tending to my specific learning needs. "

— Ajanay L. Fusion Student

Block schedule overlaps an image of student building a robot. The schedule reflects the student's interests:yoga, math, history, Homework Cafe, robotics club, and English.

2. Motivate

Our teachers work within a student’s strengths to connect learning with life.

Building Confidence

Fusion Global teachers aim to identify and reinforce a student’s strengths by creating lessons and learnings around topics that students are passionate about.

By centering learning around their world, students can make the connection between textbooks and real life and become more confident in their skills. With this confidence and comfort, student enthusiasm can soar.

"Fusion has given me so much confidence that I feel more comfortable with myself. My teachers have shown me that I am capable of doing things that I never thought I would be able to do. With the classes being one-to-one the teachers allow me to focus on my passions and it energizes me to complete my work"

— Shawn O. Fusion Student

A teacher gives a student live feedback through video conferencing. The student watches the teacher on their computer and follows along.

3. Teach

Students receive real-time instruction and feedback, personalized just for them.

One-to-One Instruction

Because our one-to-one learning approach is at the heart of what we do, we are very selective in hiring teachers to guide and mentor students. Our teachers are passionate about connecting with students, identifying their learning styles, and delivering the best educational experience for their students.

A student and teacher stay connected through real-time video chats.
Connecting Online

Fusion Global classes and coursework are 100% online which means each student is paired with a teacher to receive personalized instruction and real-time feedback in every lesson. Classes are conducted via video conferences and students can access classes from their laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Experienced teachers on the team
Experienced Instructors

Fusion Global Academy teachers are highly qualified, experienced, and incredibly passionate about helping students leave their mark on the world.

Student who is happy with Fusion.
"With its unique format, I have been able to work with my teachers at Fusion independently to fully reach my learning potential. Fusion has also allowed me to expand creatively in many areas, preparing me for my upcoming college experience. "

— Christian C. Fusion Student

See the data behind the difference.

Our annual education impact report measures students and their families’ improvement after enrolling in Fusion Academy using test scores, and student and parent surveys.

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