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Revolutionize learning with Fusion Education Group.

Fusion Global Academy is proud to be part of Fusion Education Group: an organization committed to providing quality individualized education.

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Fusion Global Academy

Fusion Global Academy offers 100% virtual instruction for middle and high school students. Fusion Global has the ability to serve students worldwide with a personalized, one-to-one education.

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Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy has over 80 campuses nationwide that offer personalized, one-to-one education. For over a decade Fusion has changed the lives of students and their families through their revolutionary teaching philosophy of Love, Motivate, Teach.

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Barnstable Academy

Barnstable Academy is located in Oakland, NJ and delivers a traditional college-prep education in a small school setting for students in grades 5-12. Classes average 8-10 students and have a maximum of 14.

Fusion Education Group Celebrates the Life of Our Founder and CEO, Peter Ruppert

On August 1, 2023, our Founder and CEO, Peter Ruppert, passed away unexpectedly. Peter was a visionary leader who exemplified our EPIC! values (Excellence, Passion, Innovative, Courage, and It’s That Important!). Peter was 59.

Pete founded our company in 2007. He remained steadfast in his belief that education should be personalized for the student. This core principle resulted in the growth of our organization from the initial Fusion Academy in Solana Beach, California, to 81 campuses today.

Pete was born in Oakland, California, one of five siblings. He attended DePauw University for his undergraduate education and earned an MBA from Harvard University.  In 1982, he met his partner of 30+ years, Jessica. Pete and Jessica raised four wonderful children: Jack (27), Grace (24), Pierce (24), and Ben (17).

Throughout his life, Pete was an active, engaged participant in anything he took on. In addition to his work, he authored the book “Limitless: Nine Steps to Launch Your One Extraordinary Life.” It became the basis of one of his popular McDermond Series lectures at his alma mater, DePauw University. Pete also co-founded “Armed Forces Thanksgiving,” an organization that raises money for military veterans throughout Western Michigan.

Personally, I have worked with Pete for the past 27 years. I was fortunate to be with him when he founded Fusion Education Group, and our 17 years together at Fusion will always be my career highlight. Pete was an amazing and inspirational leader. He cared for people and understood the importance of relationships, and we miss him every day.

As Interim CEO, I am proud to carry on Pete’s legacy.


Jeff Poole
Interim CEO
Fusion Education Group

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