Fusion Global Academy Celebrates School of the Year Award

By Media Contact: Karen Craven

Fusion Global Academy Celebrates School of the Year Award

(Grand Rapids, Mich. – September 8, 2021) In its first full academic year when COVID curveballs were thrown at educators daily, Fusion Global Academy didn’t flinch. The team steadied and readied hundreds of online students for academic success in 18 countries and brought home well-deserved accolades from parents and staff.

“Parents sought us, students needed us, and teachers flourished with us. COVID empowered families to seek flexible, proven learning options and we are privileged to partner with them” says Darby Carr, President of Fusion Global Academy.

Fusion Education Group (FEG) launched Fusion Global Academy prior to the pandemic and it quickly became a haven for online learners during the 2020-2021 school year. Fusion Global Academy’s fully accredited online model is one-to-one, with one student interacting with one teacher for each class, and different teachers for each course. This allows teachers to focus on the individual student, a highly engaging way to learn. Students do not get lost in the crowd of 30 online faces, which is typical in online learning provided by many public and other private schools.

“Students are our shared focus,” says Peter Ruppert, FEG Chief Executive Officer. “No matter where the classroom lives, parents entrust us with their children to propel them to new heights. As families continue to discover that traditional options are not optimal for learning, we stand ready to serve students. This is especially true in communities where one-to-one learning options are limited, inaccessible, or nonexistent, Fusion Global Academy provides a viable, accredited option for students in grades 6-12.”

Ruppert recently awarded Fusion Global Academy a School of the Year for exceeding quality, enrollment, parent satisfaction, and employee engagement expectations following its first full academic year. The School of Year Awards are the company’s equivalent of the Oscars and celebrate campus teachers and staff. Award winners were nominated by school leaders across the company’s 80 schools. Parents rated Fusion Global Academy higher than equivalent customer satisfaction scores for iconic brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Coca-Cola.

“A lot of factors play into the School of the Year Award, central to the award is the sincerity and authenticity of our relationships,” said Audrey Wall, Fusion Global Academy Head of School. “Our students, teachers, staff, and parents make up a special community virtually connected and intentionally committed to building academic knowledge and social and emotional health. We are both humbled and proud!”

Wall joined FEG in 2017 and oversaw growth at two California campuses before becoming Fusion Global Academy’s Head of School. She says she wears two hats in her role, first as a parent whose three children were students at an FEG academy and saw the impact of the one student to one teacher model and second, as a professional educator who knows the heights to which children can soar.

“The one-to-one model affords students a voice. They acquire a learner agency they have never had before. They become partners, better yet, co-captains in their learning journey,” Wall said. “It’s amazing to watch them flourish and rewarding to share in the process.”

Wall said her team’s mission beyond academics is active and healthy engagement with students. This past year Fusion Global Academy hosted more than 300 unique activities. The Global Homework Café is staffed 14 hours every school day and is home to all student life activities. It is a fun and engaging place where students go for academic support and connections with their peers. Students founded and led 12 different social, academic, and service clubs, which were supported by a teacher/mentor. School mornings often connected students and staff across the continent for a global brunch, seniors joined other FEG graduating seniors for a virtual prom – the Global Glow Ball – that ended in a parent dance party, students kicked off the Summer Olympics with two-time U.S. Olympic figure-skater Johnny Weir, who encouraged them to enjoy being outside for the summer, students also learned what it takes to make it on Broadway with Rent star Tracie Thoms and also, how an author marries imagination with writing and illustration from Comic Book Writer Kenny Porter,

“A student recently told me Fusion Global Academy is a school that basically fits in your pocket, and you get to take it wherever you go,” said Audrey Wall, Fusion Academy Global Head of School. “He is so right. We do school with you, not to you. We show up wherever you are.”

Fusion Global Academy’s virtual doors are open and welcome to families seeking a safe, academically challenging, socially engaging, accredited education setting for their children. Fusion Global Academy served more than 300 students from 45 states and 18 countries since its launch in 2020. During the 2020-2021 academic year Fusion Global Academy provided more than 30,000 hours of live one-to-one instruction. Fusion began the 2021-2022 academic year August 23.

“We are five states shy of serving students from the entire United States. Our growth has been both exciting and rewarding but most of all affirming of the fact that families really need us.” Wall said.

Founded in San Diego, California in 1989, FEG’s approach to learning is grounded in its individualized model of one teacher to one student, with different teachers for each class. Fusion Global Academy offers unparalleled academic, emotional, and social support. The entire school journey is personalized for each student and helps students ignite their love of learning.

In the United States, Fusion Global Academy is accredited through Cognia which represents the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission and the Southern Association of Colleges, and the Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.


About Fusion Global Academy:

Fusion Global Academy (FGA) offers one-to-one personalized education for middle and high school students through a completely virtual campus that currently serves students in 18 countries. FGA is the most recent addition to Fusion Education Group’s schools which provide accredited personalized education and include Fusion Academy with more than 60 campuses that offer one-to-one education, Futures Academy, which offers one to one education and small group instruction at 15 California campuses, and Barnstable which offers traditional college-prep in a small school setting in New Jersey.


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