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How Online Learning Can Supplement Your Homeschool Program

By Tiffany Snyder

How Online Learning Can Supplement Your Homeschool Program

If we were to peer through the windows of homes across the US on any given day since schools have been forced into closure, we would see a new generation of parents taking on new roles as full-time educators. In a country that embraces school choice, families have been thrust into a new reality where our homes have become schools.

How is it going?

Well, most families would likely say it depends on the day. I often see on friends’ social media or through the voice of a neighbor that most days in our new reality don’t depict a serene scene with parent and child quietly sitting at the kitchen table with pencils in hand working diligently. As a mom of two teens, I can attest to this, and the struggle is real.

Whether families had previously embraced homeschooling by choice to meet the needs of their family or they were forced into supporting learning from home due to school closures, online learning is a tremendous resource to support students and parents in the day to day of learning from home.

Here’s why…

1: Course Options

As a parent myself, I will be the first to brag that parents are the keepers of much knowledge, but when it comes to teaching the intricacies of geometry, creating at-home labs for chemistry, or stepping up to support our kids in the interpretation of poetry, many of us can’t claim expertise in all content areas.

Virtual programs, like Fusion, have an incredible catalog of options and the expert teachers to support learning across all content areas.  In our 1:1 setting, passionate teachers engage their students in engaging dialog and rich learning experiences.

2: Personalization

In the Fusion 1:1 space, virtual sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of students.    Many parents are concerned about the results of their child’s school experience since the start of COVID-19 shutdowns and worry about their child’s ability to stay on track to meet previously established goals and dreams or just simply to be ready for the next grade level.

Fusion is the ideal partner to step in to assess and then collaboratively create the educational programming to not only support in full course offerings but also to provide a bridge from one year to the next.

3: Balance

More than ever, families recognize the need to strike a happy medium between quality family time and the need for the space to do their own things.  To take on the role of full-time teacher, parent, professional, homeowner,(the list could go on) is a tall and quite honestly an insurmountable task.  Tapping into quality virtual learning opportunities helps to support not only learning, but it takes much of the pressure off the adults in the home.  It gives us permission to be mom or dad again and hang up the full-time teacher hat.  We can foster additional independence in our kids and give them the opportunity to grow in independence through their work online.

4: Flexibility

A homeschooling family can create a schedule that works for them.  Virtual education beautifully compliments the homeschool work with virtual courses with teachers to support families in maintaining their desired schedule.  An adult working with multiple children at different grade levels at home can set up a schedule that balances virtual instruction for one child, while working with another child.

In many ways, virtual learning opportunities can be scheduled around a family’s desired activities or commitments aside from school.  Kids who travel to compete or perform or families who choose to travel together when mom has a business trip – virtual learning can go where they go while maintaining their lives outside of school.

Get Started

At Fusion Global Academy, we’re here to help personalize a program that supplements your homeschool curriculum. Connect with us to learn more about what virtual education could look like for your child and family!

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Tiffany Snyder
About the Author

Tiffany Snyder serves as the Head of School at Fusion Global Academy. She received a bachelor's degree from Hope College in secondary education and German as well as a MA in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University. Tiffany has been a part of secondary education for over 25 years with the last 11 years of her career being spent in multiple areas of virtual education such as teaching, course development, client services, and leadership. She is excited to be a part of the ground-level efforts to launch Fusion Virtual in order to continue to broaden the number of students and families who can find their home at Fusion. The heart of her work is driven by walking alongside kids who often face tough odds to rise and thrive through personalized support and perseverance. Tiffany and her husband, Peter, are the proud parents of Grace, who is a freshman at Calvin University, and Marc, who is a junior at South Christian High School. In her free time, you can find her cheering on Marc at the soccer pitch, serving as Grace's photography assistant, or walking the trails with her family and pup, Lucy. Tiffany and her family enjoy traveling and exploring the glorious national parks our country has to offer.

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