Student listens to teacher as he tutors her in algebra.

Customized Tutoring


Our tutors are Fusion teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher and are passionate about the subjects they teach. Our one-to-one approach and emphasis on positive relationships allow our teachers to have a mentoring role in their students’ lives, resulting in not only academic, but social and emotional growth as well.

Student works with teacher on homework

Tutoring Packages


Parents that sign up for our 5-pack trial offer will receive tutoring sessions for $60 each ($300 total)*. Each one-hour session includes an hour in our virtual Homework Café to help support your child and reduce homework stress. You can also expand your trial pack by selecting one of our larger tutoring packages.

We offer over 250 courses in all major subject areas and electives with personalized learning plans to help your child succeed.

Customized your Tutoring Package
Exclusive Package
Price Per Session
5 Pack Trial**
40% Off
$60 Each

*This exclusive 5-pack is a one-time trial for new families only.



Tutoring Packagees
Price Per Session
10 Pack
30% Off
$90 Each
20+ Pack
15-34% Off
$85 Each
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Fusion's Personalized Education


Our approach helps students in grades 6-12 with a completely customizable one-to-one teaching experience that’s tailored to help every student succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Students can enroll part-time or full-time at any campus with rolling enrollment all year round.

Experience One-to-One Tutoring
Experience One-to-One Tutoring

Our approach to tutoring brings the same personalized one-to-one learning experience for each subject. Easily switch between online and in-person sessions with live, one-to-one learning.

Over 25,000 Class Hours Taught Per Week
Over 25,000 Class Hours Taught Per Week

Our program serves families all over the country with over 25,000 class hours taught per week in person and online. Students can take part-time classes and tutoring all year round.

 Customized Schedule and Coursework
Customized Schedule and Coursework

Create a schedule and timeframe that works best for your family. Tutoring sessions can also be taken anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home with a personalized curriculum.

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