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Online Tutoring at FGA:

A Personalized Experience

Just like our classes, all tutoring is live and one-to-one with a teacher. Because our teachers are our tutors, you know you are getting a subject matter expert who is passionate about the curriculum. In the one-to-one environment, teachers can take complex subjects and break them down in a personalized way so each individual student understands and stays engaged.  

Scheduling is flexible so students can supplement their learning with tutoring at Fusion Global Academy outside of regular school hours. We offer tutoring in all core and elective subjects and can create customized tutoring packages based on whatever your student needs.

Online Tutoring Services for Middle and High School Students 

Online Math Tutoring

Math is often a tough subject for students, but we have seen many students’ attitudes about math change due to the personalized one-to-one attention of online math tutoring at Fusion Global Academy.

Online English Tutoring

Our online English tutoring can cover anything your student needs support in for English or Language Arts. Our teachers can help with reading comprehension and fluency, vocabulary, writing, grammar, and more

Online Science Tutoring

Fusion Global Academy science teachers are ready to support in all areas of science. Chemistry, biology, physics, and more are easier to tackle with online tutoring in a personalized environment.

Other Subjects Offered

Other popular online tutoring subjects are world languages, history, social studies, and more. We also offer enrichment tutoring if your student wants to try something new like music or art. Explore our Middle School Courses and High School Courses to see all the possibilities!

Online Mentoring at Fusion Global Academy

In the one-to-one setting, our teachers are also able to act as mentors for their students. This is also true for our tutoring sessions.

1:1 Classroom with Teacher/Mentors

Our teachers are our tutors and also act as mentors. They truly care about the well-being of their students.

Love, Motivate, Teach

Our teaching approach is love, motivate, teach. This means we first get to know our students, understand how they best learn and are motivated, then teaching can begin.

SEL Approach to FGA

We work social-emotional learning initiatives into all we do so our students thrive not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well.

Female smiling about Fusion Global Academy
"He hasn’t been this engaged since his sophomore year of high school and, given this is such an important transition point for him, I’m not only relieved but thrilled to see him return to a love of learning. We can’t thank y’all enough! FGA has a great learning model and incredible people!"

— Aimee E. Berger, Ph.D

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