Online Summer College & Post-Secondary Counseling

Summer is a great time to prepare for the future! Fusion Global Academy has experts in helping students achieve their goals.

Special Summer Offerings

We’ve put together four unique 10-session packages perfect for the summer! All are one-to-one with an expert Fusion Post-Secondary Counselor.

Kickstart College Planning – 9th and 10th Grade Students

Outline an academic course plan, set goals, explore your post-secondary options, review the college timeline, and identify ways to strengthen your high school activities list and resume.

College Essay Bootcamp – For Students Applying to College This Fall

Review standout essay examples, brainstorm essay topics, outline your essay, and draft your story.

Executive Functioning for College – College-Bound Seniors/Recent Graduates

Executive functioning skills are what help us plan, prioritize, organize, and adapt to new situations. While keeping the expectations of college at the forefront, this offering covers topics such as time management, organization, critical thinking, and more.

College Readiness – College-Bound Seniors/Recent Graduates

Prepare for the academic, social, and emotional rigors of college life. Topics covered include independent living, self-advocacy, college-level study skills, navigating student life, housing applications, and more.

College and Career Readiness at Fusion

Beyond the 10-session options above, FGA offers Virtual Post-Secondary Counseling packages all year round for your student to prepare for their future. Working with your student in a one-to-one setting, we’ll uncover their passions and build a plan to help them achieve their goals.

Whether they want to pursue a four-year college or want to jump right into their career, we have a variety of areas we can support them. We’ll work with you to build the right plan and package for your student’s goals.

Each one-to-one session is personalized to your student, but here are examples of areas we can cover:

  • Major/minor exploration
  • Identifying the “best fit” colleges
  • Application support
  • Essay and personal statement writing
  • SAT/ACT planning
  • Guided career exploration
  • Gap year options
  • Resume development
  • Internship exploration
  • Interview preparation
Ready to start planning for the future this summer?

Fill out the form below and a member of our admissions team will be in contact with you, or give us a call at 888.342.1861.

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