Anastasia Perez

After earning a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from the University of Texas at Austin, Anastasia attended UT Health Long School of Medicine in her hometown of San Antonio, TX. Between college and medical school, Anastasia founded a music studio called String Together and both taught students and led business operations for three years. After gaining acceptance to and completing her first board exam in medical school, Anastasia was a part of numerous projects focused on community education and outreach. During her third year, she realized she education was her calling, and she shifted her career focus, which led her to work developing curriculum for an Ed-Tech company. She also tutored college students.

Anastasia’s hobbies include spending time with her two children and husband, hiking, running, learning new skills via Skillshare, and playing the violin. Anastasia hiked rim to rim of the Grand Canyon when she was 10, instilling within her a love of travel and outdoor adventures!