Global Homework Café

Homework support and social opportunities for our middle and high school students.

 Homework and So Much More

In our Global Homework Café students complete any coursework they received that day, taking the stress out of family evenings. We offer 10 unique breakout rooms so students can get the focused support they need. Our Student Life staff are present to supervise, check in with students, and provide help as needed.

Academic Support

Students can get help from a teacher or work independently in these breakout rooms.

1. Quiet Homework Café

A quiet space for students to work on their coursework of any subject. Here, students are free to be off-camera or on mute if they need a Zoom break. We also have a direct chat option available for students who would like to type their requests or needs instead of speaking on camera.

2. Math Meetup

Math can be a tough subject for many, so we have this dedicated space for math homework help.

3. Science Lab

Students can get help with any of their science homework and labs here.

4. ELA (English Language Arts) Enclave

A space for students to get help with all things English and language arts.

5. History Hub

History and social studies homework is worked on here. We also host social science debates, current affairs discussions, and more.

6. What the Tech?

If a student is having tech trouble, they can hop into this tech support breakout room and get the help they need. Zoom glitches, screen sharing issues, portal problems, and general tech questions are all welcome here.

"Fusion Global Academy is the best educational experience I have ever had. I love all of my teachers. I love all of the different people that I meet. All of my needs have been met."

— Alexa S., FGA 10th Grader

Social-Emotional Support

When students are done with their homework, the socializing can begin! These spaces are curated for connection.

1. Social Homework Café

A social landing space where students can interact and socialize with peers from across the world while they work on homework.

2. Community Event Space

This space is open when special events are happening. It’s also where our Student Life Orientation meets, guest speakers present, and parent events are hosted.

3. Zen Zone

This space has soft music playing and resources for students to re-center, meditate, or take a break.

4. Student Connections Corner

If a student needs some additional one-to-one mentoring or social-emotional support this is a dedicated space where our student life staff can provide it.

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