Pamela Gerhard

Director of First Impressions

Pamela Is the Director of First Impressions. Pamela has a Bachelor of Arts Degree she earned from Southern New Hampshire University with a specialized concentration in Marketing. She earned this degree in a fully 100% online capacity. At S.N.H.U. Pamela graduated with high honors, on the Dean’s list, and Summa Cum Laude from S.N.H.U. Pamela received her Associate of Science Degree from N.V.C.C. and graduated Cum Laude.

Pamela’s true passion is everything associated with Marketing. Pamela is intrigued with Marketing; she accomplished over nine varied effective Marketing courses while attending N.V.C.C. and S.N.H.U. One of Pamela’s favorite pastimes is creating and designing engaging, effective marketing materials for family and friends.

Before coming to F.G.A. Pamela’s Business career consisted of working in strategic visual merchandising, Building Brand Awareness, and Prestigious Merchandise Brand Marketing. Pamela is currently an active member of three Highly revered Honor Societies, Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and The National Society of Leadership and success.

Pamela and her husband Thomas are the proud parents of four children, three daughters, and one son. Outside of work, in her spare time, Pamela likes to attend monthly family adventures with her beloved close-knit family. These adventures include family paint night, mountain hiking, bowling, homemade crafting, ceramics, delicious cookie swaps, and puzzle escape rooms. For the past twenty years, Pamela and her husband Tom have enjoyed refurbishing older-style homes in their spare time. They are currently tackling and refurbishing/remodeling their fourth home. Pamela enjoys sampling hot and cold tea and has sampled over five hundred teas from around the world. Pamela is an avid literature reader and enjoys reading Fiction and Non-Fiction books. Her favorite books to read are classic novels from the eighteenth century and earlier.