Finding the perfect balance.

We believe the best education balances academic excellence with an active social life.

Diagram of a student's schedule collaged with an image of a student playing tennis and learning from a laptop. Tennis practice from 7 am until 11 am, lunch from 11 am to 12 pm, and their English class fits in their schedule after.


Our schedules are built around yours.

Male teacher and male student interact through video chat.


One-to-one teacher interaction puts every student at the center of learning.

Collage text bubbles and images of students interacting with each other through devices outside of the virtual classroom.


Sometimes the most important moments happen outside of school.

Collage of a male student using a cell phone and laptop throughout the day to learn online.

A Day in the Life of a Fusion Global Student

Live One-to-One Instruction

Each day, Fusion Global students have 2-4 hours of live one-to-one instruction with their teachers on an easy-to-use video conferencing platform called Zoom.

Real-Time Support

To get support and help at any time, students can connect with their teachers via Microsoft Teams.

Guided Independent Study

Additionally, our students visit the Global Homework Café® each day on Zoom for guided independent study.

Virtual Clubs

Lastly, students can join virtual clubs around common interests and connect with fellow students across the country and around the world.

Collage with a grid of students video conferencing in the background while a female teacher and writes on a whiteboard in the foreground.

Academic Support

From our collaborative Homework Café to an extensive library of academic resources, we deliver exclusive tools to help our students succeed at every turn.

  • Homework Café
  • College Prep
  • Tutoring
  • Summer Programs
A girl holds a digital camera in front of her face and takes photos.

Beyond the Classroom

As a part of the Fusion Global family, our students have access to a vast amount of social and academic resources for a supportive and vibrant life outside of school.

Collage of a two female student creating music together in class through computers and music software.

Bringing Students Together

Through field trips, student clubs and meetups, we bring students together everyday. Because we believe an education isn’t complete without building relationships in the real world.

  • The Writer’s Club
  • Student Government
  • Photography Club
  • Running Club
  • Culinary Club
  • Video Game Club
Student in cap and gown on the left shakes hand with teacher on the right while both hold a Fusion Academy diploma.

Preparing students for academic excellence.

One-to-one student-teacher engagement, virtual communities, and in-person events provide students the skills they need to feel confident in achieving their dreams (including 200+ unique college acceptances, a sampling of which are below).

Why Fusion Global
  • Amherst


  • Arizona State

    Arizona State

  • Berklee


  • Brown


  • Calarts


  • Carnegie Melon

    Carnegie Melon

  • Columbia


  • Cornell


  • Dartmouth


  • Duke


  • Embry Riddle

    Embry Riddle

  • Goucher


  • Johns Hopkins

    Johns Hopkins

  • Loyola


  • NC State

    NC State

  • NYU


  • Ohio State

    Ohio State

  • Penn State

    Penn State

  • Pratt


  • Rensselaer


  • RISD


  • SAIC


  • SCAD


  • Stanford


  • Texas A & M

    Texas A & M

  • UCLA


  • UMBC


  • Vanderbilt


  • UVA


  • Wesleyan


  • Yale


"Fusion taught me how to advocate for myself which has helped me land a prestigious research position in my first semester at Johns Hopkins. I am so grateful for what Fusion has allowed me to accomplish, like graduating high school in three years and attending my dream university. "

— Rebecca P. Fusion Academy Alumna

"The one-to-one learning model really helped me prepare for college. I was able to communicate with my teachers about what I had a harder time learning because of the way we were approaching the topic. We figured out how I could grasp the lesson in a way that worked for me. "

— Isaac G. Fusion Academy Alumnus

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