Student Success Stories

We use multiple measures of success from academic outcomes to well-being and life satisfaction. Learn more about FGA student success below.

What do our graduates all have in common?


Our one-to-one approach transforms students into critical thinkers who seek out answers on their own and solve problems creatively.

Engaged student taking notes while listening to her teacher on a live video lesson.


Personalized learning fosters greater understanding of the power of others. By recognizing the strengths and abilities of each individual, our graduates demonstrate a sincere curiosity for the beliefs and ideas of others.

Male student learning guitar on a video chat with his teacher.

Critical Thinker

With a greater belief in their abilities, our graduates use higher-order thinking skills to problem-solve on their own while also recognizing the value of their community’s contributions.

Engaged student taking notes while listening to her teacher on a live video lesson. Male student learning guitar on a video chat with his teacher.
Frustrated female student struggles to learn in a classroom.

Before Fusion Global

Students come to Fusion Global for many reasons. Whatever the reason, we meet students where they are and customize their educational experience to help them reach their full potential.


felt they did not receive the academic support at their previous school


lacked confidence in their ability to learn the material

Student Experience
Frustrated female student struggles to learn in a classroom.

After just three months at Fusion

It doesn’t take long for our proven approach to make a difference in the lives of our learners.


were getting the academic support they needed to be successful


of students were likely to ask questions or contribute to class discussions


felt they were receiving the emotional support they needed to feel confident in their learning

Impact Report
"Fusion has given me so much confidence that I feel more comfortable with myself. My teachers have shown me that I am capable of doing things that I never thought I would be able to do. With the classes being one-to-one the teachers allow me to focus on my passions and it energizes me to complete my work. "

— Shawn O. Fusion Student

"Fusion taught me how to advocate for myself which has helped me land a prestigious research position in my first semester at Johns Hopkins. I am so grateful for what Fusion has allowed me to accomplish, like graduating high school in three years and attending my dream university. "

— Rebecca P. Fusion Academy Alumna

Female student happily builds a robot while video chatting with a teacher and receiving personalized instructions.

Academic Confidence

Building student confidence is as important as finding the right approach to individual learning styles. Students who are confident in their ability to learn perform better in a post-secondary environments and are more likely to become life-long learners.

Student in cap and gown on the left shakes hand with teacher on the right while both hold a Fusion Academy diploma.

Preparing students for academic excellence

One-to-one student-teacher engagement, virtual communities, and in-person events provide students the skills they need to feel confident in achieving their dreams (including 200+ unique college acceptances, a sampling of which are below).

  • Amherst


  • Arizona State

    Arizona State

  • Berklee


  • Brown


  • Calarts


  • Carnegie Melon

    Carnegie Melon

  • Columbia


  • Cornell


  • Dartmouth


  • Duke


  • Embry Riddle

    Embry Riddle

  • Goucher


  • Johns Hopkins

    Johns Hopkins

  • Loyola


  • NC State

    NC State

  • NYU


  • Ohio State

    Ohio State

  • Penn State

    Penn State

  • Pratt


  • Rensselaer


  • RISD


  • SAIC


  • SCAD


  • Stanford


  • Texas A & M

    Texas A & M

  • UCLA


  • UMBC


  • Vanderbilt


  • UVA


  • Wesleyan


  • Yale


"With its unique format, I have been able to work with my teachers at Fusion independently to fully reach my learning potential. Fusion has also allowed me to expand creatively in many areas, preparing me for my upcoming college experience. "

— Christian C. Fusion Student

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