Fusion’s Personalized 1:1 Education

Fusion will personalize your busy student athlete’s curriculum to fit their schedule and interests best. All of our classes feature one-to-one instruction that makes students feel comfortable and confident in their learning. Our adaptive learning approach encourages students to reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally. With national accreditation, our transcripts are accepted by top universities all over the world. With in-person and online options, students can build a program that works best for them. Courses at Fusion are customized to work around your athlete’s life, and classes can be scheduled around their athletic priorities, helping them keep on track for a future in the NCAA.

3 Ways to Learn with Fusion and USA Fencing

We’ll help you choose the program that best fits your student’s needs and schedule. We have options for online, in-person, and hybrid learning.

Fusion Academy

Fusion Academy has 80 campuses across the country. Our schools offer one-to-one classes and each has a Homework Café where students can finish their homework and socialize.

Fusion Global Academy

Fusion Global Academy (FGA) is our 100% virtual school. It has all the features of a Fusion Academy campus but is completely online with live, one-to-one classes and access to our virtual Homework Café and our thriving community, The Global Neighborhood.

Academic Offerings

  • Full-Time Middle and High School
  • AP Courses
  • Post-Secondary Counseling
  • ACT/SAT Test Prep
  • Classes for Credit
  • Tutoring Packages

MAP® Assessment

Learn more about your student’s academic achievements and areas of growth. The MAP® assessment is a trusted independent assessment developed by NWEA and used worldwide. It covers three areas: language usage, mathematics, and reading. Teachers and families can use the results of this assessment to gain a more accurate sense of the content a student has mastered, what they are ready to begin learning, and how to tailor learning to challenge and empower each student.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the partnership pricing benefits, please contact Susannah Rinker, our Partnerships Concierge, at srinker@fusionacademy.com or call 484-254-6314.