Truly Personalized Online Education

Classes at Fusion Global Academy are one-to-one: one student and one teacher per virtual classroom. Teachers and students interact live for each and every class, and students have different teachers for different classes. This allows our teachers to customize content for student strengths, interests, and learning preferences. In this space, teachers also build positive, mentoring relationships with their students.

Who Attends Fusion Global Academy?

Students come to Fusion Global Academy because they’re looking for a completely customized education experience. While every student’s story is different, Fusion Global Academy’s accredited, one-to-one approach is great for students who:

Need a flexible schedule to pursue extracurricular passions


Are gifted and need an accelerated pace


Need extra support or a focused environment in the classroom

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"My daughter looks forward to class every day. I find her in the office long after her sessions end working on ideas her teachers have sparked. The work you are doing with her is engaging her in a way she has not been for a very long time."

— Allyn B., FGA Parent

Student shares math homework with teacher online


Fusion Global Academy is a fully accredited middle and high school and students can attend full-time or part-time. Our supplemental offerings include classes for credit, tutoring and mentoring, college counseling, and summer programs.

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Homework Support and Socialization Opportunities

In tandem with their one-to-one classes, students will spend time in our Global Homework Café. This virtual space is available for students to complete their coursework with support from a teacher, but there are also breakout rooms where students can socialize and build meaningful friendships with their peers.

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A Full School Experience in a Virtual Environment

Our Global Homework Café is also where our student life activities happen. We have a passionate Student Life team that plans programming based on student interests and around Social Emotional Learning competencies. We’ve got clubs and events, along with opportunities to connect through our Global Neighborhood.

Our Approach to Personalized Online Education

Our thoughtfully designed education philosophy is Love, Motivate, Teach. We believe positive, authentic relationships are the key to unlocking the incredible potential every student has. In our one-to-one virtual classrooms, teachers personalize instruction and act as mentors for their middle and high school students.

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An International Online School

Fusion Global Academy is fully accredited and has students from all over the world. International students can earn a US Diploma if they meet all the graduation requirements. If you’re an international student seeking a personalized education, connect with us to learn more.

Experienced teachers on the team

Meet the Fusion Global Academy Team

Our staff is made up of experienced educators who are passionate about changing lives through personalized education.

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