Our Online Academic Programs

Fusion Global Academy is a fully accredited middle and high school, but also offers supplemental part-time programs as well.

Completely Customized Educational Opportunities

Classes at Fusion Global Academy are one-to-one: one teacher and one student in the virtual classroom. This model allows teachers to personalize instruction for their students’ strengths, interests, and learning preferences. It also enables us to create a flexible schedule so learning works around your life instead of the other way around.


Online Middle and High School

Fusion Global Academy offers a full-time accredited academy for middle and high school students. We offer diplomas for students who meet graduation requirements, and offer a well-rounded, full school experience. Beyond academics we offer a multitude of opportunities for socialization and enrichment.

"Each and every class I was in just made the experience better and better. I was learning what I wanted to learn at the level that was exactly suited for me."

— Noah L., FGA Alumna

Teacher tutors student in biology


Online Academic Programs

Online Classes for Credit

Students can take a single class for credit to remediate, accelerate, or supplement their learning. We offer over 250 middle and high school classes all offered in a one-to-one virtual classroom. Core and elective classes are available.

Online Tutoring & Mentoring

We offer tutoring in all core and elective subjects and can create customized tutoring packages based on whatever your student needs. Just like our classes, all tutoring is live and one-to-one with a teacher. Scheduling is flexible so students can supplement their learning with tutoring at Fusion Global Academy outside of regular school hours.

Student works with counselor on college essay
Online College & Post-Secondary Counseling

Preparing for life after high school can be daunting and stressful for both students and parents alike. We’re here to make that transition just a little easier. Whether your student plans to attend college, a university, take a gap year, enlist in the military, or head straight into a career, we can help them plan and prepare for their future.

Girl takes an art class online during the summer
Online Summer Programs

All our programs are available year-round, along with some unique options each summer. Students typically come to us for classes for credit, tutoring, college counseling, academic skill-building, or fun enrichment.

Our Online Curriculum

We offer over 250 core and elective classes for middle and high school students. Classes are all personalized in our one-to-one virtual classrooms and are available at varying levels depending on your student’s academic goals.

High School Courses

Middle School Courses

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